Aug 16, 2009

First Speed Scrap

Last night I completed my first speed scrap! It was so much fun, but challenging as well. This is how it works. The scrap lasts 2 hours. In the first hour you get 7 instructions every 10 minutes. Then you have the next hour to finish your layout.
Here were our instructions from Traci at Funky Playground Designs.

1. Open a plain paper! (This was the easiest part of the scrap)

2. Pick a closely cropped photo, about 5x7 inches, place it 2 inches from the bottom and 1 inch from the left of your paper

3. Using 8 pattern papers, cut 8 rectangles and squares and place them down the right side of the plain paper, from top to bottom, just to the right of your photo.

4. Using a brush, stamp a frame behind and around your photo.

5. Grab 7 miscellaneous elements and place them randomly on your rectangle/square setup, place a small title/journal on top of one of those squares about 1 inch from the bottom of your photo.

6. Open a rubon, sticker or brush and place it behind the rectangles/squares about 2 inches from the top of the paper, place it so it can be seen on the sides of the patterned papers.

7. Shadow, tweak, save and upload by 11:45 EST tonight!

The 8 pattern papers threw me off a bit. I have hundreds of different papers. To choose 8 papers that would look good together was a little challenging. Now remember, this was a speed scrap!! The whole time we are searching for items to use and creating our layouts we are also posting in Funky Playground’s forum. So let’s see….Reading posts, posting, giggling at the posts, looking for a photo to use, elements, brushes, and not to mention 8 pattern papers to go together while we are trying to create a layout in 2 hours. HAHAHA Mine took a little longer than the 2 hours. It took me an additional 45 minutes to complete and post my layout in their gallery here. I will defiantly do this again. Now I see why people become speed scrap (SS) addicts. Although I would only be able to do a SS that started after my kids were in bed. A 5 and almost 2 year old interrupting me every 5 minutes while SS?? No way. Jump over to Funky Playground's gallery to checkout the layouts from last night.

Aug 7, 2009

Random Reflections Freebie

Here is a freebie I grabbed today. Random Reflections from Digital Scrap Fun.
Terms of use states you may use this kit for scrap 4 hire. But, it is only free today. Tomorrow it will go on sale in their store. Get it here.

Aug 6, 2009

Challenge For Funky Playground Designs

Font size
This is my second challenge completed this week. This challenge came from Funky Playground Designs.
They have a different challenge each day.
Monday – Color Challenge
Tuesday – Font Challenge
Wednesday – Scraplift Challenge
Thursday – Product Challenge
Friday – Template Challenge
The credits for the products used can be found with my posted layout at Funky Playground Designs gallery here. If you visit leave my a message.

Aug 5, 2009

Trendsetters Contest - July 4th page


This layout was created for the Trendsetters Contest at Digital Scrapbook Place. This is a 3 round contest. You must be selected to move on to the next round. They gave us two files to use. Here are the rules:

• You may use only pieces found in the supplied kits.

• You do not have to use all of the pieces, however you DO have to use ALL kits.

• You can recolor, tear, rotate, cut (etc., etc.) any item(s) in the kit(s) however you wish.

• You may manipulate your photos any way you’d like.

• You may not use a quick click.

• You may not use items from another source.

• You may use any font or fonts you would like.

• You may add journaling and/or a title to go with the theme of your page.

• You must give proper credit for the kits used (links posted must be working links).

• You must note in your description who took the photos if you did not take them.

• This contest is unlike NKOTB - you may not post a version of your page and ask for advise and/or feedback.

• Your page may be uploaded only ONE time – so be sure everything is correct before hitting the ‘submit’ button! Just like in the DET contest, we can take into consideration mistakes in the credits or computer "glitches" while uploading. You MAY NOT edit your layout!

• You must post your page before the deadline in order to qualify.

• Disqualification will result if any of the above rules are not adhered to. Please don’t risk it. Read carefully and have fun!

And fun I did :-) Go to the gallery to see the step-by-step for creating this layout.

Thank you to Suzanne and Kim for a lovely items we were allowed to use for our layouts.
You can find Suzanne's Stamp set
here, a
nd Kim's Whimsical Love page kit here.

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