Aug 5, 2009

Trendsetters Contest - July 4th page


This layout was created for the Trendsetters Contest at Digital Scrapbook Place. This is a 3 round contest. You must be selected to move on to the next round. They gave us two files to use. Here are the rules:

• You may use only pieces found in the supplied kits.

• You do not have to use all of the pieces, however you DO have to use ALL kits.

• You can recolor, tear, rotate, cut (etc., etc.) any item(s) in the kit(s) however you wish.

• You may manipulate your photos any way you’d like.

• You may not use a quick click.

• You may not use items from another source.

• You may use any font or fonts you would like.

• You may add journaling and/or a title to go with the theme of your page.

• You must give proper credit for the kits used (links posted must be working links).

• You must note in your description who took the photos if you did not take them.

• This contest is unlike NKOTB - you may not post a version of your page and ask for advise and/or feedback.

• Your page may be uploaded only ONE time – so be sure everything is correct before hitting the ‘submit’ button! Just like in the DET contest, we can take into consideration mistakes in the credits or computer "glitches" while uploading. You MAY NOT edit your layout!

• You must post your page before the deadline in order to qualify.

• Disqualification will result if any of the above rules are not adhered to. Please don’t risk it. Read carefully and have fun!

And fun I did :-) Go to the gallery to see the step-by-step for creating this layout.

Thank you to Suzanne and Kim for a lovely items we were allowed to use for our layouts.
You can find Suzanne's Stamp set
here, a
nd Kim's Whimsical Love page kit here.

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