Dec 22, 2010

Martha Stewart's Craft Sale 2010

It would be wonderful to attend her Holiday Craft Sale one of these years!  Here are a few of the things I would have bought; or made as soon as I came home :-)

They made these from one of Martha's punches like this one. [link]  What a great idea for on your tree or as a wonderful gift wrapping accessory!

I love this idea!  The kids and I strung Fruit Loops cereal one year, but I prefer this better!  By stringing them this way you get to see the whole candy, not just the side of it.  

This would be fun to do in a kids bedroom or on a front porch.

I would have bought one of these beautiful sweaters!! I wonder if they come in adult sizes ;-)

A few of these lined up on my dinning room table would like wonderful.

Here is the link for Martha's Photo Gallery from this years Craft Sale. [link]

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