Dec 22, 2010

Teacher's Love Gifts Too

Mya headed off to school this morning proudly carrying this gift all wrapped up with a pretty red ribbon. I started this project in Photoshop. Once I created all of the pieces I disected it to print. I printed the base papers as one image. The rest of the pieces where cut printed then cut out then assembled back on top of the base. Below is the layout I create for printing out this hybrid project. A hybrid project is something that is created digitally, but then printed, cut and glue in a traditional scrapbook/card making way.  If you have the ability, always save it as a PDF so the images won't accidentally get reduce because of margin issues!  Note to self - stop making tiny things to cut out :-)  The toughest item to cut out was the "read and learn" image.  The hardest thing to glue and place were the letters, since I couldn't find my bead tweezers.  I used them to make daughter's flowers at Halloween.  Now if I could only figure out where I put them.

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