Jan 10, 2011

Menu For The Week

This is our menu for the week.  Laura @ I'm an Organizing Junkie is the host of Meal Plan Monday.  Each week she posts what her menu is for the week.  At the end of her post hundreds of other bloggers post a link to their menu for that week also.  Ever wonder what to have for dinner?  Need new ideas or recipes?  Visit Orgjunkie each week for hundreds of ideas and recipes.  

Lunch – Homemade chicken fingers w/ roasted potatoes (leftover from last night)
Dinner – Pizza sandwiches w/ salad
Lunch – Fish sticks w/ mixed veggies and pears
Dinner – Roasted Chicken (making 2) w/ roasted potatoes and corn (will make stock and use leftovers through week)
Lunch – Peanut butter sandwich w/ corn and pears
Dinner – Roast w/ potatoes and carrots
Lunch – Cheesy chicken (leftovers from Tue.) and broccoli
Dinner – Chicken and waffles (leftovers from Tue.) w/ green beans
Lunch – Grilled cheese w/ carrots and dip
Dinner – Pork scallopini w/ buttered egg noodles and corn
Breakfast – Waffles (will make batter Fri. night)
Lunch – (daughter) Chef Boyardee w/ salad; (son) fish sticks w/ salad
Dinner – Tombstone pizza 
Breakfast – Waffles (batter already made up)
Lunch – (daughter) Tuna fish sandwich; (son) Peanut butter sandwich
Dinner – Tomato soup w/ grilled cheese sandwiches

(this weeks menu link)

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