Feb 16, 2011

Fabric Or Chocolate, I Pick Fabric!

If I had to pick between fabric and chocolate, I would most defiantly pick FABRIC!!  The beautiful colors, the endless projects that could be made out of it.  The one thing I wish I had more of?  Fabric stores close by that sell designer fabrics.  

Online shopping is an option, but most store make you buy fabric by the yard.  At $8-$10 per yard, that can really take a bite out of your wallet.  For big projects it's okay because you normally would buy a large amount anyway, but what if you are a quilter or want to make a small project?  

I found a AWESOME store online that not only sells wonderful designer fabrics at a great price, but they will sell you fabric starting at 1/8 of a yard!!!.  It's like a dream come true :-D

Hawthorne Threads Logo Image

Hawthorne Threads not only will sell you 1/8 yard but they also have great prices on their fabrics and their shipping prices rock.  You must check them out!!


  1. Thanks for sharing this great online shop! I have always been a little aprehensive about buying fabric online, but I might now consider it since I have a recommendation.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you will come back soon! I am a new follower;)


  2. I would definitely choose FABRIC any and EVERY day
    I love love love fabric SO much
    ahhhh.....such a comfort haha:)


  3. I love looking at fabric, that site is great! I was just in JoAnn's yesterday looking for a cute modern print, and only found one that I thought looked even a little bit modern. Very frustrating! But, I have to say, I still would take the chocolate over the fabric! :-)


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